Top Class Takes $1M In Fleet Sales

Soon after it’s release on March 29th 2017 I stumbled across the article “A Staggering Forecast For 12V Installers” while checking my LinkedIn feed.  I had a few minutes to myself and decided to read it. Having been a professional 12V installer for 20 years this was a subject that was near and dear to my heart. Click here to…

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4 Most Important Benefits Of Dash Cams

The dashboard camera, popularly known as the dash cam, has now become a staple accessory in many vehicles. People install these cameras on their vehicles for a myriad of reasons. Whether for business purpose or personal security, you can see dash cams installed on commercial vehicles, passenger cars and even motorcycles. For this article, we’ll talk about the 4 most important…

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GPS Fleet Tracking System Benefits

  GPS Fleet Tracking System Benefits GPS Fleet Tracking has been around for years but some companies and business owners are only NOW finding out the many benefits of installing a tracking system to further improve productivity and workflow of their logistics, deliveries and service calls. When you own a business, you must be aware of the whereabouts of your…

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Field Service Management Application

Hey all! Check out this short video that demonstrates Fleetmatics WORK – Field Service Management Application.  If you own or operate a service based business like I do, this might interest you. When you’re a 1 or 2 man show, it isn’t too difficult to keep up with the scheduling, dispatching and billing.  In my opinion, once you get 3-4…

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GPS Installation Success Story – Fresh Direct

Check out this great success story about how our Client Fresh Direct, is using GPS fleet tracking to improve workflow and reduce costs. Client: Fresh Direct an Online Grocery Shopping & Food Delivery Service GPS Provider: Telogis GPS Installation Company: Top Class Installations

Our New Website is Live!

At Top Class Installations, one of our priorities is to always seek ways to provide our audience (especially our Clients), with the best experience we can. That being said, we’ve taken the plunge… did the hard work… and have created what we believe will assist us greatly in doing just that. So please, take a look around and by all…

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